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Using your Estimating Software for Purchasing

One of the HUGE benefits of estimating software is assemblies.  An example of an assembly for an electrician is a light switch comprised of wiring, wire nuts, switch box, switch, and plate.  The estimator counts switches on the plans and has the software compute the quantity needed for that part of the job based on a pre-determined “recipe” quantities for the switch.  He would do the same thing for plugs, fixtures, etc.  Notice that plugs and switches use the same boxes, wire nuts, and wire.  The software “rolls these up” into “job” quantities

The next step is shop these quantities with a few vendors to get the best prices for the job and to use these prices as a basis for the bid.  Sage Estimating allows the user to make this happen with relatively little effort using Buyout.  It’s done like this:

a. Buyout will allow you to input prices by the part (if your supplier provides this level of
b. Or, you can enter the bid amount for all items and have Buyout “back-calc” the prices
of the parts.

Would this save time?  Would it save money?


Most who use the Buyout tool would not be without it!