JumpStart Wireless™ delivers wireless productivity by connecting your mobile staff with cell phones and BlackBerrys to Sage Master Builder.

The webinar will show you how existing JumpStart customers wirelessly process Service Orders, Timecards, and Daily Field Reports.

JumpStart allows you to save costs while improving productivity — perfect for tight economic times:

Save an hour a day per technician in the field
More jobs with the same staff
Improved cash flow and faster billing
Reduce trips to the office
Eliminate paper
Simplify management and coordination throughout             the day

JumpStart Wireless connectivity to Master Builder
pays for itself in 1-2 months.

Not only does JumpStart Wireless pay for itself, it is also easy to use. Your staff will be up and running after 30 minutes of training.
On-Screen Takeoff® by On Center Software

You might be familiar with OnScreen Takeoff Plan ViewerMany Builders Exchanges make plans available online using this tool.  These days a large percentage of plans are available online or in some digitized format.  The full version of OnScreen Takeoff boosts the view to a full-blown takeoff tool that allows you to take off linear, area, and counts with your mouse and color your measurements as you work!  If it is colored, it is counted!

This may very well cut your take off time
by a factor of four! Think of it!

If you measure 8 hours a week,
you could be doing it in two
And, with much more accuracy
And, without having to drive to get the plans!
Sage Timberline Estimating

Welcome to the 21st Century! Like or not the Construction Industry has a lot of paperwork.  This online document management system helps you to manage the paperwork and literally do away with paper filing systems. And at an affordable price!

How about these features?
Sage Master Builder
Sage Master Builder has been providing contractors with an integrated solution for over 25 years and is used nationwide by over 8,000 contractors. LCC has been working with the it for almost as long as it has been around.  Press the above link to learn more.

Data Conversion - QB to SMB
Top 10 Reason to switch from Quickbooks
Sage Timberline Estimaitng is the leading automated estimating solution on the market today.  It provides today's estimator with loads of features to reduce time per estimate, increase accuracy, and provide more comfort that everything has been included.  Press the link above to see more details.

Basic, Standard, Extended - which one's for me?

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docAssist - Document Management.
HVAC accounting software Sacramento
jumpstart WIRELESS
contractor project management software Bay Area
Simplifying the Business Side of Construction for contractors in Northern & Central California
subcontractor software Fresno
Sage Timberline Office
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Sage Timberline Office has been providing contractors with an integrated solution for over 25 years and is used nationwide by over 16,000 contractors. Its strong point is the ability to customize screens, work flow, and reports exactly the way you need them.

Master Builder vs. Timberline vs. Peachtree
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