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12 Reasons to Consider Master Builder Extended Estimating

Faster and more accurate estimates.  The cost to step up pales in comparison to potential savings.  You know the cost of a good estimator.  What if you could save all or part of one estimator’s salary?  Better yet, what if the software allows you to “find” things you would otherwise have missed?
Why would you want to upgrade from Master Builder Estimating Basic to Standard
or Extended?  Well, that would depends on your estimating needs

There are a lot of valuable features in what is now called Estimating Basic.  But, as your business grows or as your needs change and you need to consider a solution that better fits your requirements.  Consider the following features and how they might improve your business.

1. Robust professionally designed databases. 

2.    Pricing Options for the most demanding situations

3.   Ability to analyze your estimate in several ways using User Defined Work Breakdown                 Structures

Or by any combination of these.  The number is practically unlimited so the tool can be                    configured any way you wish!

4.   Database Items with built-in specs and measurements that help calculate quantities, cost, labor           hours and cost, etc. in one part vs. several in Basic.

5.   Groups of Items with all specs and measurements grouped into "smart" assemblies that can           perform a lot more work than Basic assemblies with formulas that give the ability to do quite a bit           more than Basic formulas

6.   Groups of Items and Assemblies called Models so that you can program a comprehensive                    interview sheet that even a jr. estimator can complete to put out a quick conceptual bid
      in about a quarter of the time!

7.   Simultaneous work by two or more estimators on the same project.

8.   Bid Management  with an interface to Outlook to help you keep deadlines.

9.   Lots of audit functions that allow you to pinpoint mistakes and omissions.

10.  Side by side comparison of estimate at most any level of detail.  This is great for you design-             build folk or those who do negotiated work.  You can see the changes quickly as the spec or                 scope changes before the contract is finalized.

11Integration with OnScreen Takeoff that you have to see to appreciate.  In this age of                   digitized plans this powerful system allows you to see at several levels exactly what was and was          not taken off.

12.  All the integration you currently have to Master Builder.  You are still able to “push”                      budgets,  proposals, change orders, purchase orders, and subcontracts.